Fifth Strategy Inc is one of the Largest Global General Trading Company spread out across 7 Continents with its Head Quarters in India. But everyone in Fifth Strategy Inc is free to live and work wherever they want. Many of us love working remotely.

We are Investment Bankers, Information Technologist, International Traders, Analysts, Builders, Farm/Farm House Developers, Volunteers, Advocates and Hard workers. With such a diverse group of People from so many different places, we bring an unique perspective to everything we do.

We wanted to build the closest thing to Global Trade

Running under the guidance of visionary leaders, the Management of the company, Fifth Strategy Inc Company has gained a reputed market position globally.  

As a business, we always look to the future, challenging ourselves to define the best way to make a positive impact across the rapidly changing energy industry. To guide us in this we’ve set out a clear vision, mission and values which we share across our organization.

Fifth Strategy represents a broad cross-section of the international trade and business community: manufacturers, trading companies, freight forwarders, shipping companies and port authorities. We deal with the global rules of trade between nations. Our main objective is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably and freely as possible.

Our work is rather transparent. We provide Best Solutions which are much customized to your needs to enhance performance.

Our success can be attributed to:

  • Strong and dependable customer relationships
  • Strategically-placed trading facilities
  • National and international trading channels
We've earned a reputation as a highly ethical trading company working against competitive prices.

One of the most important things when you have a business or you want to start one is to have a sharp overview about on the market you want to activate on. To face today’s market challenges; you need solid strategies and adequate supply solutions. Behind the success of a product or categories of products stands an entire strategy that requires time and effort. It goes without saying that the goal of every retailer or producer is to make a profit - the bigger the better. But generally speaking everyone’s satisfied to see fast incomes increase.

With 200 years of combined experience and Global connections, Fifth Strategy can help you to achieve all of the above, being a leader in Sourcing/Supplying Global Commodities at best Pricing.

Following constantly the trends and the development on the market, Fifth Strategy has been among the first Indian company which has understood and promoted the integration of services as a key factor in reaching success.

From the very beginning, our goal was to help producers and entrepreneurs to enter and secure a lasting place on the market. Many of them needed professional expertise in order to reach the best results for their business and that’s where we stepped in.

Always aiming big achievements, we’ve reached (depending on the client’s need) local, regional, national, international and even global markets in order to achieve our client’s needs.