Our Vision

Maintaining the existing network in line with environmental friendlyand innovative thinking will provide you everything you need for the future. We are staying close to the basics with an eye for every detail which creates our ultimate power.

Our Mission

Fifth Strategy Inc turns global challenges into opportunities for our clients and suppliers by providing unparalleled services in product development, business strategy planning with industry insight, and strategic sourcing for growth. Our Mission is to set global benchmarks and standards of excellence in the International Trading Space. Our professionalism has been set to a benchmark for our ultimate products thru stringent and simple approach in focus on, “QUALITY, COST, HONESTY and DELIVERY” each time and in every process of Contracts for our valued CUSTOMERS.

To improve access to energy for the communities in which we work.

We are the source for import and export. We have over 200 years of combined experience in international trading. We know a lot of markets in most of the continents. We make it possible for importers and exporters to be part of highly qualified business with an eye for human beings, animals, nature and environment.